Advanced Diploma in Hypnotherapy

The Advanced Diploma in Hypnotherapy offered by the Oxford School of Hypnotherapy has been Assessed and Validated at Advanced Practitioner Level by the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (UK). Graduates from this course (already qualified at Practitioner status via a course either validated by the GHSC at Practitioner Level or its equivalent) are eligible for professional registration with the General Hypnotherapy Register (the GHSC’s Registering Agency) at Advanced Practitioner status.

The course consists of six modules.


The Modules

1. Introduction

    Hypnosis and Neuroscience

    Models of hypnosis

2. Factors that facilitate or impede change

    Advanced questioning

    Handling awkward situations and questions

3. Advanced approaches: 3 advanced techniques

4. Advanced approaches: 3 advanced applications

5. Academic skills and critical thinking

    Social science research methods

    Advanced ethical considerations and debates in clinical practice

6. Growing as a hypnotherapist

    Additional content


Reading List

The course is comprehensive and there is no mandatory reading list. Students may wish to read some of the books listed in the reference section of the modules and/or undertake online research.

Homework requirements

At the end of each module there is an assignment composed of a number of questions requiring written answers.

The homework assignments are designed in a manner that meet the learning outcomes.

Course delivery

  • The course will be delivered in an online learning format, consisting of 6 modules
  • The techniques taught on the course do not require direct supervision as there are clear instructions for each. 
  • A single module will be sent at a time, by email
  • Time allowed for completion of course: 18 months
  • Time taken for studying the course notes: 60 - 80 hours in total. Time taken for completing the assignments is extra

Eligibility: The eligibility criteria for this course is a qualification in hypnotherapy or NLP to Practitioner level. Those registered with the GHR at Practitioner level will be eligible to upgrade their registration to Advanced Practitioner status after completing the course.

Start Date: The course is offered in an online format, enabling students to enrol at any time.

Course Fee: £850 

Payment options by instalments are available.

Enrolment: You can download the Registration Form, complete the details and email it back to us. Once payment is confirmed we will email you a receipt and the course notes. Alternatively, please contact us and we will email you a registration form.

Contact: Please use the Contact form or email us on or 

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